Sunday, July 20, 2014

Cheap Prom Dress

Milly Bridal has all your dress needs in one place everything from Wedding, bridesmaid even Cheap prom dress online

They specialize in affordable gowns that are ever so stylish but wont break your bank.

Here are a few of their Cheap Prom Dress Online

You will be sure to make a statement if you show up in one of their gowns!

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With so many selections to choose from in a wide array of colors I guarantee you can find something you will fall in love with!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Wantables Intimates Box Review

I recently was contacted to choose a Wantables box to receive and review! There are three boxes to choose from, intimimates which I choose a makeup box and a accessories box. First off my hardest decision was choosing which box I wanted to receive as each of them seem to be filled with great goodies. Once you decide which box you want to receive you are asked a series of questions; reasoning behind this is to try to match you best with which products you will receive in your customized box. You can either get a one time subscription for 40.00 or opt into a monthly program for 36.00.  Boxes then are shipped automatically each month and can be canceled or skipped at any time:)!  If at any time your not in love with your goodies you can send back your box for a full refund, no questions asked. Ok so let's get to the fun part!! The items received!!

First off my intimates came in a cute little box which is seen here. 

As you open your box you will find out just how customized it is as they print a sticker that tells how the box is customized just for you!

Inside I found these goodies specially choosing for me:)

Love these!! They fit so perfectly and they're seem less! A perfect match to be worn under form fitting apparel ! 

Next are these adorable black lace panties.

Then a cute bright pink bandeau to be worn to be seen! Love this for summer to wear under tanks and dresses! Or just on it's own with shorts and a kimono over top! 

Last but certainly not least was this form fitting bright blue tank with lace detailing ! The material of this is something I cannot explain any other way that amazing! Soft to the touch and of great quality!

Wantables are a fun gift idea as well as a great way to pamper yourself ! Not to mention it's exciting to open your box never knowing what hidden treasures await inside! 

I am blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Wantables and receive this box as a gift! I recommend everyone to check them out and try a box out for yourself! 

Click here to sign up and get your own box or simply just learn more and check out the site!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Beach Weddings require the perfect Beach Wedding Dress, find yours here!

Summer is a very popular time for weddings, especially Beach weddings! To me there is nothing more gorgeous than a beach wedding. Something about the warmth, the sand between your toes the ocean in the distance the sun setting in front of you. Such a perfect setting. To have the perfect beach wedding requires the perfect beach dress. Nothing to fancy but something very special. There are many places to find gorgeous beach wedding dresses but one of my the greatest places I have discovered is Milly bridal

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wedding Season

The warm spring days have arrived and soon summer will be here. With summer comes camping, swimming, family bbqs, festivals and we cannot forget WEDDINGS!! I personally know many people who are having their wedding this summer. I wanted to share a site with you that many are unaware of. When it comes to weddings we all know how costly they can be and how as a girl finding the perfect dress is a huge necessity. I have a little bit of special news to share..

You can look fabulous on your wedding day without breaking the bank.

by clicking here cheap wedding dresses 2014 you can discover some absolutely gorgeous weddings dresses for very affordable prices.

As you only wear that dress one day why spend thousands when you can shop dresses that are just as gorgeous for a fraction of the price ! By spending less on the dress you can still look like a million bucks and that way you have that more to put towards that honeymoon:)

Here are just a few of the dresses you can find on Milly Bridal!

If a wedding is in your future I highly advise you check out Milly Bridal before spending thousands! With literally hundreds of different dresses all different styles you are bound to find something you fall in love with and your bank account will thank you:)

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Collaboration with Swell  photo IMG_11333.jpg

 photo IMG_1140.jpg

I recently teamed up with Swell and was able to choose a couple items from their Swell exclusives. I choose a basic T and this fabulous jumper! If you haven't noticed jumpers and jumpsuits are all the rage this season and I will be the first to admit they are super comfy and so fun to wear. I am literally obsessed with mine from Swell and cannot get enough of it! I cant wait til summer so I can wear this non stop on warm summer days. Its one of those pieces that you love adding to your closet as its so versatile and just FUN! You can really channel your inner surfer beach girl in this piece! Check out more from swell exclusives by clicking here:)

I paired this jumper with a hat from reef, a lace bralet, reef flip flops and two necklaces I have made.
Please follow me and hype me on lookbook as well:) Thanks Loves

 photo IMG_11388.jpg

I Have worn this on warm days a few times already and every single time have people stop me and ask me where I got it and where they can get styles like this! Its definitely going to be a go to item in my closet this spring and summer!

 photo IMG_11333.jpg

Here is a look at my first styling with the jumper

 photo IMG_1136.jpg

 photo IMG_1147.jpg

 photo IMG_1139.jpg

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Coconut Iced Coffee, Day Dreams and Sunshine

This past week we had some extremely warm days here on the coast! Two if them reaching temperatures of 97 degrees!! If you know me you know I love the heat:) no complaints from me when it comes to hot weather!! 

Waking up to a warm breeze and the sun shining has to be one of the greatest feelings! There's just something about it that instantly puts me in a good mood and makes me feel super inspired and productive! Last weekend my boyfriend and I were in Ashland Oregon visiting his sister and I visited one of my favorite stores ! Papaya!! They have so many amazing beyond amazing things there and I'd love to buy out the entire store! Here's a few of my new treasures.

Papaya is owned by a local Ashland resident who is extremely talented and does all the art work and has I printed on everything from cards to bags to phone covers tins and sooo much more!! Safe to say I am addicted to her style and work and have been collecting more art every time we visit ! Here's my wall that showcases some of her beautiful cards that I have framed as well as art I have created:) 
Always a work in progress!


I've been working on jewelry and feeling quite accomplished :) here's a little photo blog of my past week.

Wake up and enjoy iced coconut coffee then get busy!

Both necklaces I've made.

I've also been drying rose petals, these beauties are so fragrant and will be used for many things that I will soon be sharing with you all:)

I also received a beautiful new dress from Romwe this week! 

I will have better photos of me styling it up on the blog shortly! Stay tuned.

Love and peace to you all:)