Saturday, May 16, 2015

Get ready for Summer with amazing Rompers and Playsuits at CHOIES!

With spring infull effect and summer soon on the way CHoies is filling their site full of fabulous new must have items! Romper and Jumpers and dresses are all the rage and super functionable for literally every occasion.

I have listed a few of my favorites to intice you to head over to their site and check out all the fun new items for yourself; at beyond amazing prices that wont break the wallet.

This romper can be found by clicking the link below

Click here for this romper

Click here for this dress

Click for this dress

Click here for this fun two piece set

Click here for this dress

Click for this romper

Click for this romper

Click for this Kimono

Click for this Kimono

Monday, February 2, 2015

Have you heard the Bzz about CCHairExtensions?

Recently I was introduced to a company called CCHairExensions they offer a wide array of human hair extensions for all hair styles and types. This can also be known as a hair weave

They are known and dedicated for producing hair extensions with the highest quality. They state "Our products are easy to use and maintain and with the most natural looking. We use 100% virgin Brazilian & Indian remy human hair, which is with highest quality in the current market. Our experts have over 20 years experience in the hair extensions industry."

With backing like that you cannot go wrong!

A favorite product of mine they offer is the thick hair extensions clip in

They have a fabulous page with lots of reviews and photos of products worn by real life bloggers and customers that you can check out here

If you are in the market for great hair lengthing and thicking products I recommend checking them out and giving them a shot!

Needing a change or wanting someething different? Before altering your actual cut and style give these a try, every day you can experiment with different looks that dont have to be permanent.

Monday, January 12, 2015


Right now you can enter a Massive Skinny TeaTox Giveaway, they are giving away not only their products but $1000.00 dollars worth of Victoria Secret Gear!

Win a HUGE amount of Victoria's Secret lingerie, bras, panties, sleep and beauty wear. PLUS you'll also receive our entire Skinny Teatox product line!

Note: Prize not depicted in image. You actually win a lot more than in the picture & you can choose your size.

You'll receive the following Victoria's Secret & Skinny Teatox products:

-1 push-up bra ($50)
-1 full / perfect coverage bra ($50)
-1 strapless & multi-way bra ($50)
-1 sports bra ($50)
-1 lingerie bag ($15)
-3 thongs ($35)
-3 hiphuggers ($40)
-5 cotton low rise panties ($50)
-1 lace halter babydoll ($40)
-1 Sleepover cotton knit romper PJ set ($30)
-$100 worth of various VS makeup (lip, eye, fragrance, hair, etc..) ($100)
-The entire Skinny Teatox product line ($460)

There are twelve ways to ENTER


*All photos are from Skinny Teatox

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Skinny TeaTox

As we ring in the New Year many of us have goals we set or things we want to accomplish. A few years back I discovered that soy, wheat and gluten bothered me and I choose to eliminate them from my diet and begin living a gmo free, all organic clean eating lifestyle. I cant even begin to tell you the difference in my life in has made. Although it has been a journey it is one I am proud to say has made me a completely different person. I love sharing my story and helping others to choose to make this same commitment and take the journey for themselves. Even though I eat extremely clean I still believe a good cleanse from time to time is necessary!! So for the past couple weeks I have been researching tea detoxes, after hours of careful research I have decided this is the one for me. Not only is is all natural it is gluten free and the results others are having are astounding! I am beyond excited to get my tea and start my cleanse.

BY now you are probably wondering which tea-tox I choose and I am proud to announce the winner is!!!! Skinny Tea-Tox !

ClICK HERE to head to the site and discover for yourself what makes this company so great!

They offer a variety of cleanses to choose from ranging from then skinny tea-tox 7 day to the 28 day cleanse.

The skinny tea-tox mint in 7 day to 28 day.

A fat free chocolate energy tea.

Skinny tea-tox for men in 7, 14, and 28 day.

As well as accesories for your tea-tox cleanse!:)

Here is a statement taking directly from the site. "Skinny Teatox is the #1 teatox in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

Made with 100% natural ingredients that promote good health and weight loss".

You can also find the before and after photos on their site by clicking here BEFORE AND AFTER

This cleanse has some of the best reviews I have seen so far, and let me tell you I have researched a lot of different companies and their tea-tox cleanses.

They are even offering sales right now, so head over and check them out!

Why not start your year out with a cleanse, detox yourself, lose bloat, lose weight, gain energy, and feel like the greatest you that you can possible be!

I am so thrilled to have discovered this company and cannot wait to try it for myself and review.  I will be posting back to let you know when my product arrives as well as post my before and after photos and review.

I hope others will check this company out and join in a tea-tox cleanse with me!

Dont forget to follow skinny tea tox on FACEBOOK

*All photos are taken from the offical website of skinny tea tox.*

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Be on point in the upcoming year with your Fashion!

I own this blouse and Love it!!

If you know me then you know I spend alot of time researching and following fashion. I have a huge love and obsession with the street style looks and have come to the realization that a lot of fashion we see here in the states originates from Asia. If you have followed fashion for any length of time you will see exactly what I mean. Many amazing looks trends and styles first begin there and then make there way here creating a statement that you see in all US city streets. Over the years I have come to knowledge many different Asian fashion stores online that I have purchased some of my favorite pieces from that I have received numerous compliments on. One of the newest companies I would like to share with you is a site called coco-fashion. Coco-fashion is similiar to that of romwe, choies, oasap. They have some great finds at great prices. Prices we can all afford. Every girl loves to look on point being seen in the freshest new styles at prices that dont gouge her bank account and leave her feeling broke. Here you will find everything from shoes to apparel and accessories. Everythng you need to look your best.

I am just such a huge lover and follower of the Asian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai Fashion lines. I know I can always find what I am looking for, great style, fabulous quality at prices that dont make me feel quilty. If your new tothe fashion world I recommend you spend some time checking out companies like this. They truly have something for everyone. You wont be disappointed. I promise you that. They offer wide selections you can mix and match from dresses, blouse, blazers, tunics, pants, and leggings for women, they also offer great mens wear as well. We all know fashion isnt just for women so they take into consideration that many men want to look their best as well which is great if you are shopping for that special man in your life.

You will probably find you are absolutely amazed at just how much you can discover within these types of sites. Since understanding the art of layering I have been hooked, these sites provide you with everything you need to create the perfect layered look without looking over the top or feelings overly done.

I shouldnt forget to mention party wear! The party dresses are so on point and to die for! You will for sure be the best dressed at all gatherings if you check out sites like these!! Very fancy dresses to casual and everything inbetween.

I have shopped formmany online retailers like coco-fashion but one great quality that sticks out to me about their company is quality! They always check every item for manufacturing defects before shipping them to guarantee the product's quality. They also are constantly updating their collection so be sure to always check them out when looking to update your closet or find a new piece. 100's of new items added weekly all unique and full of style to meet all your needs.

I should also mention sizing! They offer a wide array of sizing because as we all know we each come in different shapes and sizes.

I must not forget to let in you on a secret, they offer SALES! Yes sales, great amazing sales at that, another reason to check in all the time.

I have added some of my favorite pieces to my instagram check them out check my account out and follow me here jenniwentworth is my account on there or click here

They also ship worldwide so dont be alarmed of your goods coming from overseas. You can rest assured you will receive them. I know a few of my friends who have been hesitant to order goods from other companies for fear of never receiving them. I have done alot of purchasing of goods from companies all over the world and have NEVER had any issue with receving my goodies. So dont fret, they will arrive to you in perfect condition! Coco-fashion like many other overseas companies provide you with tracking info so you can always check on where your package is.

Start Shopping Now!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Find Outstanding Stunning Gowns at Pickeddress

Upon searching for affordable clothing online I recently came across a really phenomenal site for everything from wedding dresses, to formal gowns, prom dresses, special occasions dresses and so many more. The site is called CLick here to go to the direct site and see for yourself just how many exquisite dresses this site holds.

I truly cannot get over the beauty all these dresses contain. Each unique with gorgeous detailing all at such affordable every day pricess. I know shopping for wedding dresses, formal gowns, prom dresses or just that perfect dress for the erfect occasion can you leave your head spinning as there are just so many to choose from and so many sites to shop from. Not to mention then there is the price tag that comes along with looking amazing. Many sites you find that perfect dress but then a not so perfect price tag attatched to it. I promise you here you can find the dress of your dreams and your bank account will not be saddened when you make your purchase. They also hold some beyond fabulous sales on the site as well. We all love great sales about as much as we love looking our best. This holiday season the perfect dress is key for Christmas parties and going out on the town. So be sure to shop pickeddress this season to look your best. Dont forget to tell all your friends about Pickeddress as well. I am sure they will be as excited as you when they come and see what they offer here.

The wedding selection the site contains is truly remarkable, everything you can think of. They carry a wide array of dresses for all occasions. Beach dresses, chiffon dresses, vintage dresses, lace dresses, princess dresses, mermaid dresses, short dresses, long dresses, a-line dresses and the list just goes on and on and on. I am sure by now you are dying to just head to the site and see all the beautiful dresses for yourself, am I right?!

The site also has an enornmous amount of beautiful bridesmaid dresses too. Many girls fear weddings, not because they are afraid of marriage but afraid of the costs that just add up and up. Here you will be happy to find you can look fantastic and your bridesmaids too without the high prices most sites put on their gowns. SO dont be afraid, just head on over to pickeddress now and start shopping. The site has something for everyone and everyones style. What is really great is they take into consideration every girl is different with different taste and preference. While some girls love short dresses many prefer a longer dress. Here you can find it all.

The sites also takes into consideration every girl comes in different sizes, here you can find everything from small, to plus to even maternity dresses. Isnt that fabulous!

Since searching through their selections I have already fell in love with many dresses and love the fact that the price isnt through the roof!

Here is just an examble of the quality and fine intriquing detailing that goes into each dress you will find here.
Isnt this dress just beautiful! I am in love!!

Here is another, such beauty and style. Wow! Stunning!

I highly recommend this site, so please please I encourage you to head over there now and start your dress shopping! Let me know which is your favorite and what you think of this site.